A couple that operated two contractors in New Jersey, Rayne Construction Management Services (RCMS) and Colymer and Sons Construction, have been charged with defrauding dozens of homeowners that were impacted by superstorm Sandy. In the 48-page complaint filed by the Attorney General's office, the couple were accused of taking payments and then either failing to begin the project, performing poor work, or abandoning the project before completion. Karen Wall at Patch reports thatthe RCMS website claimed to be run by experts and was family owned:

The attorney general's office said, "In reality, the defendants failed to provide consumers with the contracted work they paid for."

The attorney general's office, in the complaint, accuses Colmyer, Cimino and their companies of violating the Consumer Fraud Act, the Contractors’ Registration Act, the Home Elevation Regulations, the Home Improvement Regulations and the Advertising Regulations.

The list of complaints is too long to list here, so click on the link below to read the full story over at Patch.

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