A homeowner in Indianapolis hired 56-year-old Paul Walker to remove asbestos insulation from piping and a boiler in his building’s basement. However, instead of using a licensed subcontractor to properly remove asbestos, Walker removed it himself. In doing so, Walker put residents at risk for exposure from harmful asbestos fibers and now is being asked to pay $2,000 along with a four month sentence of house arrest and two years probation.

As WISHTV reports:

According to a release, Federal law describes in detail how asbestos must be safely removed and disposed. Those procedures were not used in this instance.

Later testing showed that although the asbestos fibers did not reach the inhabited floors of the building, Walker’s actions placed residents at risk of exposure. That led to Walker being prosecuted for Negligent Endangerment under the federal Clean Air Act.

The asbestos was later properly removed by a professional abatement firm, at Walker’s expense.

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