Michael Stone’s latest post for Markup and Profit delves into his dislike for property and facility management companies. Stone argues that when working with management companies, contractors are the ones who lose.

As Stone writes,

It's easy to push cost savings down to the low man on the totem pole, the one doing the work. In this relationship, contractors are at the bottom of the food chain and they lose. If a facility management company is concerned about poor quality or slow response times, they should hire contractors who are paid accordingly, and not nickel-and-dime them just because they can.

You should be paid for all your work, not just the time spent getting dirty on the job. If you're required to take and submit appropriate before and after photos, you should be paid for that time. If you are charged to submit an invoice, raise your prices to cover that charge. If you're working for someone who doesn't want to pay you for what you're doing, look elsewhere.

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