Construction is a challenging job that bases its success on betting huge upfront resources of money, time, talent, and materials for products that won't yield immediate profits. Construction Dive staffer Emily Peiffer talks to seven industry leaders at the AGC Convention and shares their tips on what makes people good employees. Peiffer writes:

Michael Bruynesteyn, treasurer and vice president of strategic finance, Turner Construction

"Resourcefulness is the most important trait, and persistence. On projects, you always run into obstacles, and you have to find ways around those. You have to keep pushing to overcome those. To be resourceful and figure things out and be persistent until you find the solution. Those are the most important features I look for. It's hard to test for that, though."

Daniel Moore, director of finance and risk management, Blois Construction

"They need dominance. They have to come off with strong confidence. People have to look at them as a decision maker, as someone they can count on. The areas that fail, they fail because no one's making the decisions. And everybody waits, and that's a problem in our business. You can't wait. All the failed areas I've seen were with someone waiting for someone else to make that decision."

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