A Maryland couple had been saving money for years to renovate for their dream kitchen. However, after paying $64,515, the couple said it endured missing deadlines and damaged deliveries and now is left with nine months of damaged work and nothing to show for it thanks to the work of one familiar name: Lowe's.

Cabinets were made backwards, in the wrong colors, wrong sizes, and more, the couple says. They say they reported their concerns to Lowe's multiple times, but were never met with adequate responses or solutions from the home improvement store.

The couple contacted NBC 4 Washington as the problems continued to mount as they’ve missed hosting holidays, birthdays, and even delayed their wedding. Once NBC 4 Washington contacted Lowe’s “things started happening fast.” The couple received a full refund on their kitchen totaling over $66,000, and got their dream kitchen renovated for free. So a rough beginning resulted in a happy ending for this one couple.

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