A recent survey of 1,049 adults in the U.S. by the independent research firm ORC International  for the Civil Society Institute, a think tank working on solutions to issues such as climate change, global security, and economic change, shows that most Americans — regardless of political bent — would prefer to see the federal government subsidize “clean energy” (defined as wind and solar power) technologies over fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Other survey highlights:

  • Respondents don’t see clean energy as a roadblock to economic recovery. More than two-thirds (69%) think it would be a “bad idea” for the U.S. “to ‘put on hold’ progress towards cleaner energy sources during the current economic difficulty.”
  • They also want to continue moving away from fossil fuels. About 76% — including 62% of Republicans, 76% of Independents, 90% of Democrats, and half of Tea Party supporters — agreed strongly or somewhat with the following statement: “Smarter energy choices are the key to creating a future that is healthy and safe because fossil fuels create toxic wastes that are a threat to our health and safety.”
  • A majority of respondents (77%) think this country needs to be a clean energy technology leader and that it should invest in the research and manufacturing of these technologies (see chart, above).