After being lost for 50 years, Sue Bechdel’s finally has her mother’s wedding ring back. In The Beaver County Times, Mary Beth Eastman chronicles how her own kitchen renovation of Bechdel's old childhood home uncovered lost memories.

As Eastman writes,

By 2016, that kitchen remodel could be put off no longer. The cabinets had been installed in 1960 -- a year before President Barack Obama was born. The kitchen was a Mad Men-era dream of honey oak and Formica. The oven was a brand called Modern Maid. It was long past time to upgrade. We started with the roof, and then the siding. Scaffolding embraced the house like a birdcage. Soon we had filled a Dumpster with detritus and debris, and then a second Dumpster after that. At last we demolished the old kitchen. The oven, which was beyond repair, was consigned to the scrapyard.

It’s from this remodeling project, that “glinting amid the dust motes swirling in the light of the work lamp,” that Eastman discovered the long lost ring of Bechdel’s mother. The ring had, fifty years ago, slipped into the space between the wall and the backsplash of the kitchen when Bechdel’s mother had taken it off to do the dishes one evening.

Now, fifty years later and a lot of patience, Beschdel is reunited with a part of her family.

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