Recent results from AARP’s Age-Friendly Community Survey find that baby boomers want a home that allows them to live independently as they grow older. So what features let them achieve this goal?

Hanley Wood’s Data Studio breaks down the seven home features that boomers want:

"Home repair services for low-income and older adults (68%), well-maintained and safe low-income housing (55%), and accessible homes equipped with a no-step entrance/wider doorways (54%) are the top three features boomers want, but are not available to them. Close behind is the need for affordable home prices for varying income levels (52%), seasonal services such as lawn work (50.79%), and trustworthy and affordable home repair contractors (46%). In the bottom of the ranking is well-maintained homes and properties (22%), a feature that most boomers are content with currently. In general, home repair and and low income housing are the two most important things to boomers, whose health and wealth gets weighed down by aging and retirement and a newly restricted income."

The survey also noted that in order to get these features, about half of those surveyed would be willing to move.

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