OSHA has fined a Massachusetts contractor for numerous protection violations, stating that the contractor exposed workers to potential fall hazards at several job sites. There were 16 total violations including not providing fall protection, no hard hats, no safety glasses, bad ladders and scaffolding, ladders set at the wrong angle, and many more. The fine total adds up to $188,760.

As OSHA continues to crack down on worker safety, keep these ten safety tips in mind for you to have a safe working environment for everyone:

  1. Develop and implement a safety program and manual.
  2. Train and certify all workers before they are exposed to hazards and use equipment. For fall protection you must train OSHA Standards Subpart M (Duty to have fall protection), Subpart L (Scaffolding) and Subpart X (Stairs and Ladders).
  3. Conduct job hazard assessments (JHA) before every job.
  4. Provide fall protection equipment and train each worker on proper use and care.
  5. Write a Personal Protective Equipment Plan (PPE) and train all workers on use and care.
  6. Require that all employees wear hard hats.
  7. Require that all employees wear safety glasses.
  8. Institute a written safety adherence policy for every worker and enforce it.
  9. Develop and implement an equipment inspection procedure and write and then train a lock out tag out program.
  10. Conduct job site safety meetings on a weekly or more frequent basis until all workers are on board. Then as often as needed to ensure complacency does not set in
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