Bad material management can reduce profitability very quickly. Here are some tips on managing for maximum dollar value:

Order early to ensure delivery. Runs to the lumberyard cost more than conservative ordering saves.

Check orders for accuracy as they are delivered. Incorrect deliveries translate into lost labor time and delays.

Send back defective material immediately. If it can't be used, don't even take it off the truck. If it comes off in a bundle and you don't see the problem until later, call the supplier right away and have them pick it up.

Write everything down. Make a thorough list and fax it to your supplier. A written document is more accurate than a phone conversation. Prepare the site for the delivery. For example, have plastic or tarps for the lumber, indoor space for interior pieces, and hard coves for breakable items such as windows and screens.

Schedule carefully with your supplier so you receive materials only when you're ready for them. The earlier they are delivered, the more likely they are to be damaged on the jobsite.

Use a supplier that will deal with any problems that arise. Communicate any concerns to the owner . --Tim Faller, Field Training Services,