Whether your client's remodeling project is their first or their fifth, they are likely to have a list of concerns. One of those concerns is the safety and happiness of their four-legged friend. Your client's pet could escape through an open door or wander into the construction site while you're working. Construction debris, building materials, and other products aren't safe for Fluffy or Fido to be around, either. Not to mention that your employees can't pull double-duty to both be a remodeler and a pet sitter.

Writing for the DAILY HERALD, Mary Hayashi has some great tips about how to handle pets during a remodel:

Confining your feline to the spare bedroom, study or bathroom is the only effective way your animal is safe from toxins, unsafe building materials and their natural by products. Glue, paint, nails, screws, sawdust and metal shavings are just a few of the hazards that could prompt a visit to the emergency veterinary clinic after hours.

Even if you confine your pet, depending on the location of the project in relation to your central ventilation system, your pets may still not be safe. If you are using an especially pungent adhesive or paint near the ventilation system, make sure windows and doors are open near the work site to allow fumes to escape.

Further, the blower should be off on your thermostat so the fumes are not spread throughout the house. Also, be sure to secure plastic over the vent in the room where the animals will be kept. A window should be open where the pets are located, as long as the screens cannot be pushed out.

What other tips would you give clients about keeping pets safe during a project? Tell us in the comments below.

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