With the U.S. arrival of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Washington D.C. is in a frenzy with "Trudeau fever." While Trudeau meets with U.S. officials to discuss the ongoing shared values between the two nations, he may want to do some house shopping. As National Public Radio’s Jackie Northam reports, the Prime Minister’s residence is in much need of repair.

The 34-room riverfront mansion in Ottawa, Canada is in such bad shape that the newly elected Prime Minister and his family will need to take up residence somewhere else.

As Northam reports,

"In 2008, Canada's auditor general released a report saying decades of neglect had left just about everything in the residence in critical need of repairs: floors, ceilings, electrics, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, not to mention the asbestos that needs to be removed. The cost of those repairs was estimated at $10 million Canadian, or about $7.5 million U.S., and those estimates will likely double at the very least.”

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