Residents in Joliet, Ill., are all wondering the same thing: Where has 46-year-old Joseph M. Hisel gone?

Working as a home improvement contractor, Hisel left two families with unfinished basements and thousands of dollars in debt. Hisel is now facing theft and fraud charges in three different counties. He is also facing arrest warrants for failing to show up to court and for not reporting to jail.

The Illinois Attorney General’s office calls him “a repeat offender” taking the money upfront doing little or no work for the money he was paid for. After not completing the job, ABC 7 reports that Hisel wouldn’t return calls and instead sent threatening text messages to his clients.

As ABC 7 Investigation Team reports, that in addition to the unfinished basements, Hisel took $5,000 from another homeowner to build and install a fence that was never completed, nor were the materials ever purchased.

Hisel’s business, JH Carpentry, has failed to answer ABC 7’s calls, disconnecting their phone. Hisel also operated under different business names with false advertising; one reason why consumers were bamboozled by Hisel. The Better Business Bureau rated Hisel’s business with an "F" rating.

As of now, Grudy County, du Page County, and Will County authors all on the lookout for Hisel.

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