A recent poll conducted by Construction Dive, found that those working in the construction industry think that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would be a better president for the construction industry. Of the more than 500 respondents to the poll, 51% favored Hillary Clinton, 46% favored Donald Trump, and 3% favored “other.”

Respondents who favored Hillary Clinton cited her strong ties to unions, her temperament, and her overall experience. Those favoring Donald Trump said that his experience in the real estate industry was a contributing factor, along with his promise to roll back regulations and cut corporate taxes.

In analyzing the results, Construction Dive’s editor Emily Peiffer wrote,

"The fact that Clinton, the Democratic candidate, came out on top in the survey came as somewhat of a surprise, as the construction industry traditionally leans Republican. So far this 2016 election cycle, the industry has donated $66,752,888 to candidates — with 69% to Republicans and 30% to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

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