Remodeler: Chip Jennings Company: Buildings Old & New, Kensington, Md.

Product: HEPA-AIRE negative air machines by Abatement Technologies.

Remodeling generates a lot of dust, so Chip Jennings uses negative air machines to contain and filter dust. "They're not inexpensive, and they're big and bulky, but they work real well," Jennings says. The HEPA-AIRE negative air machine he uses, model H500V, attaches to a duct that discharges dust through any opening, such as a window. The H500V weighs 46 pounds; it's portable and fits into confined spaces.

Designed to filter hazardous fibers and particulates, such as asbestos, lead, and mold, HEPA-AIRE negative air machines are tightly sealed at all seams to prevent leakage of dust and particulates. The H500V model uses an internally protected 99.97% certified HEPA filter and has a filter change indicator light.

Courtesy Abatement Technologies

"The machine draws in the air from the unconstructed part of the house to contain the dust," Jennings says. "Our clients love it."

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