One Call Does it All In-house financing has contributed to this company's growth every year since its founding in 1986. Today we finance more than 70% of our jobs.

One advantage to the homeowner is the added peace of mind that comes from knowing we have the financial strength and stability to implement their project's entire financing process. They also realize that, as their lender as well as their contractor, we are as concerned about the remodeling dollars spent as they are. Each expense will be carefully analyzed in terms of maximizing productivity. Also, we have the experience and know-how to provide sound advice should the owner wish to expand the budget.

Another advantage is that our payment schedule keeps pace with the construction schedule, so there are no work delays. Repayment periods are from 12 months to 25 years.

Speed and Convenience Then there is convenience. Custom Design & Construction is a design/build firm, where homeowners enjoy one-stop shopping from “Design2Completion,” as our slogan puts it. This includes avoiding time-consuming searches for a lender. As a result, they can build their dreams with much less effort.

Homeowners also get quick answers to questions regarding their project by calling just one phone number. Moreover, when financing with us, clients with limited cash on hand can still remodel their way, without restrictions based on financial resources.

I vote “yes” on in-house financing. But, more important, so do our clients.

Bill Simone, CGR
Custom Design & Construction
Los Angeles
Big50 2001

Stick to What You Know Our company operates a medium-sized residential design/build firm in an affluent area. We are fortunate to design and construct well-integrated remodeling projects on some lovely homes. Our average client is successful and well educated and employs our services to provide a high level of both design and finishes.

They reached their financial success without our help or financing. Attempting to discuss their personal finances would turn off the majority of our clients, with the potential of offending them. We have never offered financing, and we most likely never will.

The design/build process for larger, high-end remodels can be fairly long and complicated. Our clients must make critical decisions regarding the layout as well as numerous product selections. We want our clients to focus on the decision making process, and we would not want to complicate matters by discussing their financing for the project.

Knowledge of Options The clients are fully aware of their financial options and rely on their confidential advisors on these matters. The vast majority of homeowners are educated on what options exist regarding the funding of their project and can quickly shop various options via the Internet as well as through their financial advisor.

We are the experts regarding design and construction, not our client's personal affairs or finances.

James Benoit, CR
Benoit & Czarnecki Design/Construction
Newtown Square, Pa.
Big50 2004