It’s hurricane season, and homeowners and builders in storm-prone areas must be hyper-vigilant of a home’s ability to survive a powerful storm, saysEcoBuilding Pulse’s Dian Zhang. Asheville, N.C.-based Deltec Homes has spent the last half century building in hurricane and flood-prone areas, and not one of the company's 5,000 homes has been lost to damage.

The home builder has developed effective strategies to build resilient homes, especially the unique design and shape of the home, quality of materials, and engineering methods. The homes are built in a round shape so that the wind won’t build up enough pressure to cause a structural failure, and the homes are built with framing lumber that is twice as strong as typical materials and impact-glass reinforced windows that provide water-proofing.

“Our homes have stood against some of the most detrimental storms in history including Hurricanes Hugo, Sandy, Katrina, Ivan, Andrew and Charley, and the most damage our homeowners have experienced is a few lost roof shingles,” said the company in a statement.

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