Building authoirties in Miami-Dade, Fl., have revoked their approval for many brands of galvanized roofing nails because of quality concerns, the senior editor for the Journal of Light Construction says.

According to Ted Cushman, researchers at the University of Florida demonstrated that some nails by brands suffered corrosion based on industry standard tests. This is because nails were treated by electroplating, rather than mechanical galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing. Those particular nails suffered rapid deterioration. Miami-Dade has temporarily stopped approval for these nails. Meanwhile, the Florida Building Commission has not taken any steps on this matter.

As Cushman writes,

"But the University of Florida testing has produced troubling evidence that despite being labeled as complying with ASTM standards for thickness of zinc coating, electroplated galvanized roofing nails actually don't pass a common industry standard test for corrosion resistance — which raises the concern that the nails may rust quickly in service, at least under some conditions."

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