Building Better Homes is a program that explains basic building science practices to meet five key elements: energy efficiency, durability, affordability, and the health and safety of occupants. The information is presented on three CD-ROMs.

“We apply the laws of physics to building performance and design and break it down for builders in terms of practical performance and business practices,” says Steve Wright, president of Building Knowledge Products Group in Minneapolis. He says the program shows how all the systems are interconnected and how they have an impact on the end result. “Using these principles means fewer callbacks, fewer warranty issues, and more referrals,” Wright says. “But also, in turn, the consumer gets a better, more thoughtfully designed product.”

He says small builders and remodelers can use the program to train their crews and subcontractors. The six-hour program is divided into four sections: overall building science; practices for all phases of construction; how owners can begin using the program principles; and marketing tips. The building science section offers animated graphics and real-life examples of construction details. It also includes an inventory for exteriors and interiors to assess changes to existing buildings. For more information about the program, visit