JLC contribuor Jim Finlay walks you through the process of building an interesting deck and patio off of this New England home. While building this deck initially was just another job, it soon became a bit of a challenge when installing the curved portion of the deck, according to Finlay. Fitting the home's curved deck within an 8 1/2 vertical inches was the difficulty with this project.

As Finley describes:

Double-band construction, using joists attached with hangers to a double rim, would require the least height. But that posed several challenges. To start with, the distance from the house to the girder at the front would be too great for 2x8 joists to span. So we would need to frame the deck with 2x10 joists; but those would not fit into our 8 1/2-inch-high space...So, instead of a curved structural rim joist, we opted for post-and-beam framing. We would locate a carrying beam about 2 feet back from the deck’s front edge, under the joists. This configuration gave us two major advantages: First, it reduced the joist span so that 2x8 joists would be able to carry the load; and second, it allowed the joists to cantilever past the beam, which would make shaping the curve much easier.

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