As part of its continuing growth strategy, Birmingham, Mich.-based BELFOR USA entered the Indianapolis disaster recovery market with its purchase of S-K General Contracting, the company announced in December. The announcement came just five months after BELFOR USA purchased reconstruction giant INRECON, making its parent company, BELFOR International, a division of Franz Haniel amp; Cie, GmbH of Duisburg, Germany, the largest disaster recovery firm in the world. BELFOR USA is now a $350 million company with 52 offices. "We'll continue to gain market share by growing our geographic region," former INRECON and current BELFOR USA CEO Randall Fenton says. "[We want to be] anywhere where we're not and there's a major population." He specifically cited California, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Louisiana, and North Carolina as potential markets. Fenton says the expansion helps improve the company's services. "We're out there on a local basis doing the small house fires every day, and when the large losses come along, we're there to be able to support it fully." The newly acquired offices will be known as BELFOR S-K for "probably a year," Fenton says, when they'll drop the S-K.