My assignment for this very special issue of REMODELING was to contrast some aspect of “then” (20 years ago) and “now” in the world of remodeling. It took some mental digging to find the gold, but it's summed up in the phrase “doing well by doing good.”

Twenty years ago, remodelers were doing good things for their clients, but most were not reaping the gold. Today, more and more remodelers are doing well for themselves financially, while still delivering top-quality service and product to their customers.

As I write, remodelers I know are traveling the globe, purchasing office buildings, sending their kids to graduate school, selling their businesses, buying other businesses, transferring their companies to the next generation, and investing in local real estate for their portfolios. And all of these opportunities have come from running successful remodeling companies.

That's the very good news. These benefits are available to every remodeler who runs a profitable company that delivers year after year. But very few successful remodelers climb the rocky mountain to remodeling success on their own. Most have learned how to be successful from those who reached the summit before them.

And today — in huge contrast to two decades ago — there are so many ways to learn, including reading trade books and magazines, attending conferences and seminars, joining associations, and networking with other remodelers.

If reaching the peak of success mountain is your goal, personally and professionally, take advantage of remodeling's opportunities today by doing four things:

  • Understand that there is a well-worn path of wisdom on what works in this business. You have to access it. It is a relatively simple — but not easy — climb.
  • Take that path one step at a time, being sure your business always maintains constant forward momentum.
  • Take advantage of business learning opportunities.
  • Implement, implement, implement. —Linda Case, CRA, is founder of Remodelers Advantage Inc. in Laurel, Md., a company providing business solutions through a network of experts and peers. 301.490.5620;;