When I was a child, there was an expression I'd hear my parents utter from time to time: “Things aren't what they used to be.”

When you are young and your sense of history is limited, your reaction might be, “No, they aren't the same, they are better, right?” Now that I'm older, I understand exactly what they were talking about.

Max Hirshfeld

Change is inevitable, but what often is overlooked is the fact that neither the passage of time nor change occurring guarantee progress. The challenge is to work toward making inevitable change a positive step — whether it's in your business or your personal life.

In this issue, Dean Brenneman explores in his column the evolution of design/build into architecture/build. He sees the emergence of this new business model as a change for the better, bringing added sophistication and a stronger sense of good design to the remodeling industry.

Recognizing that the industry included many upscale remodelers, who had specific concerns, led to the creation of this magazine — a well-considered change.

Now it's time for another change at UPSCALE REMODELING. Although I'll be continuing as a contributing writer for the magazine, I'll be moving on and stepping down as editor. To keep the magazine on its positive course, Nina Patel, whom you know as senior editor of REMODELING, will be its new editor, beginning with the next issue.

Meantime, it's been my pleasure to serve you, and I hope you continue to enjoy using UPSCALE REMODELING as a bellwether in a sea of change.

Wanda Jankowski