Whether for business or personal reasons, you probably participate in loyalty incentive programs, like frequent flier miles. If you do, you might share the common complaint that it often takes far too long to earn rewards.

Such programs run by building product manufacturers generally have those same limitations. Most cater to bigger contractors and replacement companies, where "points" can be accumulated relatively rapidly. Smaller-volume builders and most remodelers rarely buy enough of any one product to quickly earn anything substantial.

But all that changed in mid-January, when Atlanta-based Loyaltyworks announced the launch of The Builder's Circle, a multi-manufacturer loyalty program that specifically targets small-to-mid-sized builders and remodelers of all sizes.

Because The Builder's Circle includes manufacturers of all sorts products, each project a contractor completes is a veritable gold mine of points — allowing companies to earn their prizes more quickly. "Even if you're just doing four or five houses a year, you can earn enough points to redeem for some great rewards," says Scott May, general manager of The Builder's Circle.

The rewards catalog is impressive, with over 1,000 different options, ranging from tools and office merchandise to vacations and sporting event ticket packages.

According to May, 600 contractors signed up for the program within its first week, many at the International Builders' Show. Fully half of those do at least some remodeling, he says.

"These are materials that we use anyway," says Erin Lammert, owner of Lammert Construction in St. Charles, Mo. "It's kind of a no-brainer."

Lammert is eyeing a trip to Disney World with her four small children, while Chris Bowles, president of Bowles Construction in Augusta, Ga., has business considerations in mind. "We could use the trips as incentives for our salespeople," he says.

For more information and to enroll, visit www.builderscircle.com.