Two unlicensed contractors have been wreaking havoc for Arizona homeowners once more. Complaints for years have been mounting about a pair of unlicensed contractors offering home improvement work, as ABC News 15 reports. The pair have been going by Anna or Rafaela Juarez and Hugo Juarez or Zaragoza under several different company names.

Sun City, Ariz., resident Debbie has said that Anna went by “Lisa” and says that Juarez pushed her landscaping business for Debbie’s driveway. Now, the project that was supposed to take two weeks has cost Debbie nearly $16,000 with no work to show for it after being told the project would take two weeks. Two months later, no work has been completed. Instead, she’s been living with a yard full of unused tools, supplies, and plants that have been left behind. Her case now has been turned over to the Arizona Attorney General’s office. When pushed for answers, all Debbie is getting in response from Juarez is excuses.

Debbie isn’t the only one to have fallen victim to Juarez’s schemes. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZROC) says that they are investigating 11 complaints against Juarez since 2010 with some customer payments totaling more than $138,000. Juarez has since pleaded guilty for operating without a license since 2015.

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