Factory produced homes are largely seen as inferior in the U.S. argues Builder writer Sam Rashkin, but that's not the case in other countries around the world and some groups are seeking to change that. Unity Homes is currently working to engineer the best possible homes in its factory, investing the cost savings from avoiding traditional field construction in higher quality construction and details.

Unity Homes founder Tedd Benson has also studied housing plants in foreign countries like Sweden and Denmark, where 90% of new home construction can come from off-site fabrication. This has led to a process where Unity Homes builds every home twice:

As Tedd likes to say, Unity Home builds every home twice; virtually on the computer including every stick, nail, screw, piece of hardware, wire, and pipe, and then the second time in the field. This helps eliminate an extensive array of quality problems common to normal field construction. The production process also fully integrates how the product will be shipped managing sequencing and loading onto trailers that enable the optimum shipping and field assembly.

Off-site fabricated homes also offers certain advantages over traditional construction. Interested in that list? Then check out the full article over at sister publication Builder by clicking on the link below.

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