is an online publication that provides ideas and information for homeowners interested in remodeling. In January, the publication added the Featured Kitchens–Before & After portfolio, an interactive photo gallery of kitchen renovations. Photos and text explain how designers solved problems with the original kitchen to create functional and beautiful rooms. A few projects have a zoom-and-pan tool to give users a close-up look at details.

The Web site encourages submissions from professionals. E-mail with the following information about the project:

  • The designer's name and the project name;
  • At least one before photo — there is no limit on the number of images you can submit;
  • At least two after photos — again, there is no limit on the number of images. The photography must be in a digital format; professional photography is preferred but is not required.
  • A design statement or a brief summary of the project, which should include design challenges and goals, the size of the project, and the products and materials used;
  • The photographer's name and company name — should the photographer require a photo credit.

The company says the click-through rate averages about seven per day for each project. The Before & After portfolio received more than 1 million page views during its first month on the site and is expected to draw more visitors as the list of projects grows.