What distinguishes your company from the competition? The only thing no other remodeler can match is the unique experience that your company delivers. Consider these actual examples:

Create extraordinary convenience during the process. Response time is crucial. Can you return calls, e-mails, and text messages immediately? If you're very busy, send a quick promise to respond in full at a predetermined time. Then do it.

Create an emotional connection. Have your clients' children paint pictures on the rough framing before you install drywall. Carve out a special compartment where the family can hide their own “time capsule.” Host a “dry-in” party. Have an official from their church or synagogue “bless” their project at a key phase.

Make the project completion a special event. Hire a massage therapist to do a 30-minute chair massage in their home, or a chef to cook the first meal in their new kitchen. Have a charitable organization cart away the extra stuff they no longer need. Create a time-lapsed video of the project, set to silly music. Hire a barbershop quartet to sing a few “we are glad this project is over” songs.

On a day-to-day basis, the best experience you can provide is to be authentically friendly, helpful, and professional. Study how other industries create extraordinary experiences for their customers, and make them work for you.

Former design/build remodeler Paul Montelongo is an authority on sales motivation for remodeling and housing professionals. Learn more at www.paulmontelongo.com.