The Tiny Home craze continues, this time with DC-based Minimum Homes selling not just tiny home plans, but completed tiny homes with delivery. A no-frills tiny home is available for $71,000 plus delivery costs, with add-ons such as HVAC, solar power, and additional storage for purchase. The Washington Post's Perry Stein reports that Minimum Homes owner Brian Levy has maintained an interest in tiny homes for some time and has already sold his first completed model:

Customers can now order one of the houses — with or without wheels — for $71,000, plus shipping, and have it delivered ready for move-in.

At 265 square feet and 12 feet wide, the Minim House he is selling is slightly bigger than the one currently showcased on his Stronghold lot.

The company is hoping to sell at least one house a month in its first year. They said they already sold one test model to the technology company Intel, which used the structure as a traveling showcase for its products.

One of the concerns surrounding tiny homes is if they fit into existing zoning laws. For Washington D.C., regulations have been updated so that tiny homes function as carriage houses and are allowed in the city.

For more information on the challenges facing tiny homes, read the full article over at the Washington Post by clicking on the link below.

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