If you want to maximize your search engine marketing, pay attention to recent Google updates. Remodelers Advantage writes about the Google updates that make it so that you can’t ignore a pay per click anymore.

  1. Google has reduced the number of local listings it displays. If someone wanted to search “New York City kitchen remodeler” they would typically type into the search engine and a paid ad would pop up. However, Google has since 2015 reduced the number of local listings to just three. This poses a problem for those that have seen 100% reduction in first-page visibility posts rom Google’s local listings.
  2. It’s now more hyper-targeting ads to list your prospects via paid advertising through Youtube or Gmail ads.
  3. Google is currently testing a new type of listing that will connect searchers directly with home service companies. Currently it is being tested for plumbers, locksmiths, housekeepers, and handymen in San Francisco Bay area, but it is expected to expand to other markets soon.
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