When Steven Silverman knocked on the door of Valley Home Improvement looking for a job after moving to Massachusetts, he had no idea that he’d buy it in 2013. “It’s really changed the trajectory of my family and hopefully the people I employ too. I’m fortunate for that happenstance meeting.”

Last year, Silverman took the next steps to modernize his business and launched a solar division. “We looked at the numbers and crunched it. It was a service we knew our clients would hire.” Installing solar panels isn’t something unique to Valley Home Improvements, but the added benefit of being carpenters and remodelers first has created opportunities when talking to customers.

“There’s a real jazz to being able to talk about remodeling a kitchen and also talk about solar. We had seen a few of our clients in the past go into solar and we knew it would work with our carpentry background. There’s projects other firms are passing on because of the structural work involved.”

Silverman also has entrusted employees with running the digital side of the company, resulting in an unusual partnership that’s benefitted his firm a lot. “We have a cracker-jack 27-year-old business information modeler. He’s married Chief Architect with a gaming software that is just incredible,” Silverman says. The resulting digital demonstration allows for digital tours and 3D walkthroughs that assist in the sales process.


- Investing in people has helped improve the company from all angles. Recently, Silverman sent his salesforce on a sales boot camp, and has already seen dividends from deciding earlier on in the process if the client is a good fit for the company.

- To stay grounded, Steven caps his salary at no more than four times the lowest paid person in the company. “As my income rises, staff rises as well. It’s a metric I use to make sure I’m not living in fantasy camp.”