The housing crash in 2008 was the signal for Jason and Dustin Royer to start their company. That might seem outrageous, but with a background in realty, Jason saw an opportunity amidst all the chaos. “You’re never going to find a better time to find a house,” he remembers thinking. “Why aren’t we doing this?”

The brothers turned business partners began buying, fixing, and flipping houses and thus, RAMS Investing was born. Initially it was a weekend-only job, but eventually the work became full time. Now, the partners work not only on finding and flipping homes, but exploring opportunities such as renting out properties. “We’re trying to buy a lot of rentals right now. We’ll always try to buy a property that is in need from an auction. We will fix it up and stabilize it,” Royer says.

To grow and scale as a business and continue taking on larger projects like the rental properties, Jason and Dustin have continued to educate themselves on everything to do with remodeling by taking classes and networking in the community. “We’ve decided to get better at networking; we actually run a real estate investment group. I think we have a pretty good reputation here in the Indianapolis area,” Jason says. And maintaining that reputation is important for them. “Your name is everything. We don’t want to pass along a product to someone and they hate it.”


- Now that the housing market has recovered, foreclosures aren’t as widespread as they were when RAMS Investing started. One of the key ways they now find houses to flip and remodel is through fliers on telephone poles.

- Maintaining a quality reputation among customers even after the sale is completed is key to RAMS’ success. Two months after a recent sale, the air conditioner failed, and the company bought and installed a new unit at no cost to the customer.

- RAMS won’t buy houses to flip in areas that aren’t safe, even if it would be a prime candidate for flipping. According to Jason, “We won’t buy anything in an area we wouldn’t feel comfortable moving our family.”