Peter Di Natale secured two projects the first day he started his business, and it’s continued to grow ever since. Focusing on high quality work and upscale remodels, Di Natale works with outside architects to design the project while his crew focuses on the execution. “After 26 years in business, we have qualified architects we recommend,” he says. “Because of the size of the projects, our preference is to build it and allow the design professional to do their thing.”

One of the keys to maintaining that high quality is to recognize long lead items and work with the homeowner to make sure everything is ordered on time, even as early as the bidding process. “They trust us. If we see something like a bathtub or a ridiculous lead time, we take it to the owner and architects. They’re really relying on us as a partner to identify potential delays like that,” he says.

After the project ends, Di Natale likes to maintain those high standards and connections with his clients, even doing smaller jobs outside of the average price range and repairing anything out of warranty. “Our contracts say a year. I don’t care if it’s actually two, three, five, seven years. We’ll go fix something and do it at no charge.” Part of his reason for keeping in such close contact with his clients is the relationships that develop. Not only is there the potential for another job in the future, the relationships evolve beyond just business. “After a while, they’re not clients, they’re friends,” Di Natale says.


- Di Natale credits some of the trust he develops with clients to his skills in estimating. It’s something he developed after years of practice. “Every time you do a project, at the end of the project, you know the square feet, you know the total cost. Just do the division,” he says. “Every project is different, but you can get a sense of what things cost. You’re creating a history.”

- Finding the right staff hasn’t been an issue for Di Natale; he pays attention and looks for opportunities for advancement at all levels. “We had an employee start as a driver and then kept training, and now he’s a lead carpenter.”