The folks at Property Claims Solutions don’t just believe in climate change — they bank on it. “We do enjoy warm springs,” says marketing manager, Eric Kollauf. “Now, when it’s hailing, it’s like, ‘Time to work!’”

That’s because, as the name suggests, PCS is all about storm damage, especially when it comes to window styles that are popular in their target markets: metro areas that get lots of storms.

Homeowners and many contractors often overlook the damage that these windows may ultimately suffer years later, Kollauf says. PCS crew members help customers be aware of this potential danger as they work on restoring the overall home.

PCS handles all aspects of storm damage: roofing, gutters, siding, insurance claim management, and damage assessment. But Kollauf says windows are where the company really sets itself apart, simply because most contractors “don’t want to deal with that hassle.”

Willingness to do so has proved so successful for PCS, it has opened an office in Colorado, already is in Indiana, and looks to expand elsewhere. “We’re trying to take our model and share it with everyone,” Kollauf says.


-- PCS uses software and storm activity, to find markets where the best opportunity fits their business model. That data is then pulled into a spreadsheet to rank areas of opportunity for business.

-- Rather than setting up new offices, PCS is working directly with existing contractors in local markets, offering them a cut of the business. “Opening an office and hiring our own team can be very costly,” Kollauf says. “Local contractors have been there and know the codes and have the reputation. We train them on the process and handle the claim negotiations.”

-- PCS is working with an outside firm to develop its own mobile and computer app that combines all aspects of a job, including CRM, ordering, and pricing. Kollauf says one goal of the app is to reduce lead times dramatically.