Russell Budd started PBS Contractors to do primarily commercial work. The recession changed all that, and the business changed with it. Residential remodeling was one of the few areas left, so Budd shifted gears and began working with homeowners. “Some of the fun on residential is not the job, it’s the relationship—in contrast to the commercial market, which is very transactional,” he says.

With the market picking back up, PBS is re-growing its commercial development while retaining the strong customer connection it’s developed over the past 7 years. To accomplish that, PBS utilizes a Concierge Builder service.

“Think of a concierge you’d meet in a high-end hotel; they make the experience even better,” Budd says. “That is the attitude we take with our clients. We look for what they need and then how to get it done.” The Concierge Builder service means no job is too small. “If it’s moving furniture, or whatever, we’d never say, ‘We don’t do that.’”


- Even after a client has completed their project, PBS strives to take care of them no matter what they need done, Budd says. “For a relationship client, we’ll change a doorknob. We’ll do, or arrange for someone to take care of, what they need.”

- According to Budd, residential and commercial skills don’t always cross over. “Skills in commercial work are a little bit different. We don’t look at project managers as one size fits all.”

- The process of transitioning from one stage of a job to the next can be a challenge, so PBS has a full-time position that’s completely devoted to process refinement and development.

- The customer comes second—but for a good reason. “The team has to come first. Unless the team appreciates their role and they’re achieving their potential, we are not equipped to satisfy our customers.”