With a background in environmental studies and wine making, Greg Rehm (pictured, center, with Liberty Hill staff) didn’t exactly set out to become a remodeler. But once he started working as a carpenter’s assistant, Rehm was hooked. “I really enjoyed the work and the industry, so I started going out on my own and doing a lot of small jobs,” Rehm recalls. He also got himself heavily involved in the industry through local and national positions on NAHB. In 2015 he was the organization’s National Remodeler of the Year.

Rehm says he owes his success to being a “systems driven” company with clearly written policies and procedures and weekly team meetings. That combination has resulted in a company culture that always puts the customer first.

“The customer experience stays the same through design, budgeting, planning, production, and follow up,” he says. “But it requires a lot of supervision, management, and communication. We’re just really excelling at that. You have this huge resource that’s working like a single entity.”


-- Rehm treats community service as his main marketing campaign as well as a way to build teamwork. For example, the team built all the swing sets for a local school. “It’s a core component of our marketing budget every year,” he says. “We’re not the cheap guy, but a lot of people know us from our participation at their kid’s events. They recognize that we’re giving back. That creates the argument to pay a premium. I believe the return on investment is pretty high versus some ad in a newspaper.”

-- Rehm is working on a future employee succession plan that also creates a stronger team today. That means responsibilities can be shifted around from worker to worker, offering everyone greater flexibility. “It’s that supportive, collaborative team environment we’ve been growing so people can grow with the company,” he says.

-- Much of Rehm’s work comes from word of mouth. To maintain that, he sends out a twice-yearly printed newsletter along with throwing an annual customer appreciation party. But he isn’t relying solely on that method to grow his business. Rehm is revitalizing his website with videos and doing more on social media, including Houzz Pro and Facebook. “Word of mouth is great,” Rehm says. “But it doesn’t tell you where your next lead is coming from or what kind of lead it is.”