Located in Kitsap County, Washington, Kitsap Kitchen and Bath was formed to give clients a one-stop shop at a great showroom so they didn’t have to make a long drive ferry across the Puget Sound to get to Seattle. “We’re the only ones who have [a showroom] over here,” said lead interior designer Tracy Corriveau. “We can do a whole project or just supply tile. We have that ability to do the whole thing or just one phase.”

Founded as a subsidiary of local general contractor Collins Homes, attention to detail has helped Kitsap it forge its own identity and relationship with customers. “We’re very attentive,” Corriveau says. “We jump and things get resolved, no questions asked.” The key to keeping the customer happy, she says, isn’t just the quality of work, but the attention to detail.

One way to keep the customers engaged throughout the entire process is the use of a digital sketching program to provide real-time updates and show the client a 3D rendering of what the final project will look like.

“We used to do hand drafting. Now, we hand off to a designer who has the Sketch Up program,” Corriveau says. “It’s a great presentation program. It sells the jobs because it’s in a 3D perspective and we’re able to show materials and finishes right down to black and white or color. It’s a super thing to have.”


- Kitsap Kitchen and Bath covers a fairly large area outside of Seattle, so knowing what its customers are interested in is key. The company puts out surveys and is active on social media interacting with clients and potential clients.

- Cabinets are such a large part of kitchens and baths that Kitsap makes custom cabinets in its shop.

- Even though the customer is paying for the job, Kitsap recognizes that the customer has a choice and is choosing to work with them, and makes sure to show its appreciation at the end of a job. “We do a pretty darn good job, and the next thing you know we’re getting referrals. We send a nice closing gift, like flowers, wine, or a gift certificate to a restaurant,” Corriveau says.