Mihalko General Contracting is a big fish in the small pond of Central Pennsylvania. The company sells and builds both insurance restoration jobs and remodeling projects out of its three locations.

Mihalko General Contracting was a organized but old-fashioned company a few years ago. Now salespeople use iPads to photograph clients’ homes and upload photos to online job files. 

The company’s marketing program reduces advertising expenditures and generates better quality leads thanks to a shift from traditional media-driven marketing to digital marketing—70 separate lead gen sites—working in tandem with television advertising. For instance, the company re-targets site visitors for 60 days with Google display ads, which generated about 1,300 calls last year.


  • At a company that until a few years ago was organized but old-fashioned, salespeople now use iPads to photograph the house and upload those pictures to online job files.
  • A bonus system for sales was instituted so that if salespeople hit $50,000 for the month, they get an extra $100, $200 for $75,000 and $300 if more than $100,000. These are in addition to bonuses given to production and sales if the company hits its gross profit.
  • Mihalko balances insurance restoration—62% of volume—with remodeling.