Dan Wolt didn’t set out to change window sales but quickly learned that he didn’t like the traditional methods. “My wife is a dentist. She doesn’t do telemarketing to see if someone needs a root canal,” he says. “If your house ‘hurts’ ... you should call a professional.”

The “Zen” window buying experience is “no down payments, no sales reps, no insistence on all decision makers being present. No high pressure, no five-hour sales calls, and no pricing games,” Wolt says. Buyers order online and get a quote in five minutes. Wolt does visit prospects and has a nearly 100% close rate. And it’s not because he’s a great salesperson, he insists; the process leads homeowners to buy.

With low overhead and little marketing other than lots of ZenWindows.com  apparel, Wolt’s lead cost is zero. “And lead quality is a thousand times better because they’re all buyers,” he says.

Brand Cool  “I have clients say to me, ‘We called you because we like your name,’” Dan Wolt says.