In 2008 when fewer prospects were calling, Bryan Sebring  bumped up his marketing budget and never looked back. “We were in a lull for over a year, but then we snapped out of it,” he says.

Along with traditional marketing methods — door hangers, job signs — Sebring uses Angie’s List, which he calls his “best lead generator,” and has been selected to be part of a lead generator called “Best Pick Reports.” He networks with the Chamber of Commerce and has found success with online review sites such as Yelp. Getting your name out there is one thing, but Sebring’s systems, which include itemized pricing in proposals and various Excel forms and spreadsheets, differentiate him in the market and back up his claims.

At client meetings Sebring asks lots of questions and shows detailed preliminary drawings, pulling up projects or detail photos on his iPad. “Everything is sorted out — kitchens, backsplashes, under-cabinet lighting. We are very organized,” he says. “Because we are so detailed up front with clients, it helps the company avoid change orders and gets our clients to trust us early on.”

Pulling Them In  Bryan Sebring bumped up his marketing and swears by Angie’s List. “It’s by far our best lead generator,” he says.