Ridgecon Construction  is run by brothers Jay and Matt Elie with help in the office from their wives and a mother-in-law, so it’s definitely a family-owned and family-run business.

Strictly a replacement company focused on roofing, Jay says that he’d rather work with homeowners than with builders. “It’s just not good business,” he says of working with builders. “When they stopped, we stopped. We knew we offered quality and it was wasted on builders because they didn’t care. Home­owners do care and think everything should last.”

Elie says that what sets Ridgecon Construction apart from many of its competitors is that the company won’t engage in shady business practices. “I’ve had customers ask me for two quotes: one for them and one for the insurance company,” he says. “We lost a lot of business but we can sleep at night, and we always put principle over price.”

All Smiles  Matt (right) and Jay Elie rest easy due to Ridgecon Construction’s upstanding business practices.