At ProMaster Home Repair, president Don Kennedy knows his clients, his employees, and how they fit together. Even while money is tight, homeowners can’t ignore their to-do lists around the house, but only certain people are welcomed in to do those jobs right.

“A lot of women we speak with are apprehensive about having men in their homes,” Kennedy says. To put them at ease, and to meet his own strict criteria for cleanliness and uniformity (thanks to years as an Air Force pilot), ProMaster crafstmen undergo extensive background and “character checks.” Kennedy then leverages competition among the staff to improve service times and customer satisfaction and to influence bonuses.

“Our company culture is really aggressive about winning and losing,” he says. “It might not be politically correct, but we want our guys to look at their jobs as more than just a paycheck. It’s about achievement.”

Clean Cut  Along with a clean, trustworthy appearance, ProMaster craftsmen have specific honed skills that are matched to client requests.