Since 1967 when Robert Carp and a partner established the company, Nuss Construction  has grown from having a roofing and siding focus to being a full-service remodeling company. When Carp’s daughter, Tammy Herbert, joined almost 10 years ago, he groomed her for leadership by making her work in every aspect of the business.

The company added insurance restoration a few years ago, and Herbert notes that it took six years to fine-tune this “economy-proof” work. Nuss Construction has implemented a new 10-step selling process to better engage potential clients, including a consultation agreement, which Herbert says helps clients feel they have ownership in the process.

During its 45 years in business, the company has developed a large client base and is currently sending newsletters to remind clients of the range of work it offers. Since past clients are the best source of new work, the company has also added a referral program.

Making Connections  Area home­owners are showing renewed interest in investing in their homes.