In its earlier incarnation, Mad City Roofing, a storm work specialist, “went by emotions,” owner Cory Sturman says. Customers bought jobs because the price was right and they needed them. But as the economy waned, “I realized that for the size of company we want to be, we needed a great salesforce,” Sturman says. “And that takes a strong sales manager.”

Mad City took on new products — windows became the mainstay — and hired a veteran industry sales manager to train salespeople in selling value. The company also engaged marketing specialists such as Tony Hoty to develop new methods for generating leads. VP Nathan Richmond says that turning Mad City around involved “enforcing sales benchmarks, building one rep at a time, and using that guy as my example.”

Mad City turned more than a thousand jobs last year. To build its repeat/referral rate beyond 15%, the company uses a jobsite quality assurance manager who visits sites randomly.

Wisconsin Warriors  Cory Sturman (left), with Nathan Richmond (center) and Kris Sturman (right).