Joshua Mack joined his father’s company  right after high school and now handles day-to-day operations. He took over during the recession, and his father’s advice to him was: Take care of the customer, and have a plan in place for an increase in business after the recession.

To that end, Mack is concentrating on building a team that is involved in ordering, purchasing, and organizing jobs. “We’ve increased efficiency and quality,” he says. Each member of the field crew has his own truck and tools, and Mack’s goal is to have crew members feel comfortable talking to the customer about additional work. He says he has seen less turnover at his local suppliers, and he has formed partnerships with reps who help him with research and product selection. “It’s nice having these guys do a lot of the legwork for me,” Mack says.

Double Mack  Joshua Mack with his father, Emmel, who founded the company and still sells jobs for it.