Though Keyner Construction  started off building new homes, its clients almost immediately began asking for remodeling projects.

The company started with small jobs and five years ago launched new systems and processes designed to enhance the customer’s experience. It keeps in constant contact with clients, “giving them the warm fuzzy they have been missing,” Hans Keyner says.

Crews are courteous and keep jobsites clean. “People don’t have chaos in their homes when they are living there — it limits the stress,” Keyner says. Another stress-reliever: A design coordinator to liaise with outside design firms. “My main concern is to get the client back to normalcy as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Keyner says.

He has four subcontractors for each trade, including some overlap with new-construction subs. Though the company’s core remodeling jobs are additions and kitchens, due to his contacts in a range of specialities, Keyner tells clients that he can handle any job size and type. The company has also had a high rating and success with leads from  Angie’s List, and surveys its customers after the job is complete.

Ready, Set, Go  Keyner Construction has all materials before starting a job and keeps a tight schedule.