A home-town boy, Jean Flesher relied for years on an extensive referral network. Much of the design work is done in-house, and Flesher’s high-quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer service have helped him maintain that loyal following. “We make customers happy,” he says.

Like many remodelers, Flesher had a larger company a few years ago but has since scaled down — he now has a seven-person staff. He says that he now runs things more efficiently — leasing an office, working in the field, and giving the office manager more responsibilities.

The downturn, which came late to Utah, has shown Flesher that he must increase his marketing budget. To that end, he is revamping his website and is working with a marketing company to develop a comprehensive strategy. His goal is to grow the company again and to “massage it,” he says, so that he can one day sell it or pass it on to his now middle school–age son. With his good business sense and a market headed in the right direction, Flesher is positioning himself to pick up those larger, whole-house and addition remodels that previously made up his core business.

Design Duo  Jean Flesher often works on projects with his wife, Monique, owner of Custom Designs by Monique.