After 25 years in the banking business and with building three houses and remodeling two under his (tool) belt, Jeff Kann founded Houseworks  and embarked on a second career. Working construction had paid for his college tuition, so when Kann got the chance to reassess his life he “thought it would be good to bring a business approach to something I love to do,” he says.

Houseworks is a design/build remodeling company that focuses solely on San Francisco, a city rich in exceptional architecture and housing stock and clients who are particular about their wants and needs. “We work best for people who are very demanding, who have the money, and who want their homes to be nice, fit their taste and lifestyle, and who also want to make informed decisions,” Kann explains.

He says that his company tends to work more on high-end projects, although it has “worked across a broad spectrum of pricing, projects, and clients. When it’s not so high end, it’s a younger client who hasn’t achieved that level [of success] but is headed there and still wants that high-end full-service approach.”

Encore Career  Jeff Kann decided to bring a business approach to something he loved doing: construction.