Hillrise Construction  came about quite by accident since Brian Hill — co-owner with his brother, Terry — had planned on going into aerospace engineering. As their formal education was drawing to a close, the brothers jumped on an opportunity presented to them by their mother: flipping a house for a small profit. Brian thought it sounded like fun, and since he was just 22, he figured there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Fast-forward 25 years and Hillrise Construction has evolved from a summer whim by two brothers into a $4.6-million-a-year company. Hillrise does both new construction and remodeling in the residential as well as the commercial realms. In recent years the company has found itself doing special projects in the senior living category, a niche that has grown considerably in the Golden State.

Looking ahead, the Hills want to double or triple Hillrise Construction’s business, and Brian likes the mix of new construction and remodeling. “It’s been a good fit for us,” he says, adding that he’s really learning to love the assisted-living projects. “It’s gratifying because it’s the last place these people are going to live, so there’s a sense of pride. You feel like you’re giving back.”

New Heights  Terry (left) and Brian Hill’s goal is to more than double their company’s volume with both remodels and new construction.