Competition is tough in Alaska where “Do it yourself” is practically the state motto, but Cody Lee and Stacey Dean have found a way to succeed and profit.

Grayling Construction  has focused its marketing on doctors and lawyers. Using an outside firm that helps with print, radio, and online advertising, Grayling has switched from appearing in Alaska Home  to publications that reach readers in the Alaska Medical Association and the Alaska Bar Association. “Doctors ... tell patients to trust them, and they want to find a contractor they can trust,” Dean says.

She and Lee build trust by letting prospects know they do employee background checks and that they have long-term employees. They also do sales calls together and spend a lot of time pre-screening and helping prospects understand the design/build process before determining whether the homeowner is a good fit.

Fitness Test  Cody Lee and Stacey Dean review property tax files and home and neighborhood info before meeting prospects.